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Estimated value of the investments needed for the whole investment is around 5.3 million and is divided into 11 phases of construction. Since founding the company, finishing the purchase of 20 hectares of land, and obtaining a location permit, the communal infrastructure for drinking water supply and electricity is also solved. The amount of the share of the future owner can be over 75%, and also there is the possibility to change the project.

The procedure is divided into the following functional units and for each of these units, the investor can ask for a building permit. The first and second phase are fully resolved, and the third phase is partially solved.

  • Phase 1: Cabling the power lines (vertical to runway)
  • Phase 2: Access road with  utility infrastructure with connection to county road, first stage
  • Phase 3: Airport with grass runway, driving track , apron first stage and fence - partially
  • Phase 4: Access road with  utility infrastructure, second stage
  • Phase 5: Hangar
  • Phase 6: Control tower - partially
  • Phase 7: Power station 10(20)70,4 kV
  • Phase 8: Hangar 2
  • Phase 9: Hangar 3 and connection between hangar and apron, second stage
  • Phase 10: Fuel dispenser
  • Phase 11: Asphalt road construction of runway and driving track


So far have been obtained following documents:

  • Preliminary Design
  • Location permit
  • Development of the Guidelines on the use of the airport Zabok-Gubaševo
  • Approval for use of the airport "Zabok-Gubaševo" (LDZK) airport operator KZA Ltd.
  • Assigned ICAO code
  • The airport LDZK was included in the list of registered airports in the Republic of Croatia in year 2013.
  • Croatian Post and Electronic Communications issued a license for the use of radio frequency spectrum
  • With the Croatian Air Navigation Ltd. is signed an operational agreement on the procedures of coordination when a special use controlled airspace between the Area Control Centre Zagreb
  • Obtained a building permit for Phase II, 1 stage.

Using airport ZABOK - Gubaševo is limited to non-commercial operations, and for training pilots paragliders, gliders, balloons, sporting aircraft and parachutists.

Flying in the zone of the airport traffic airport ZABOK - Gubaševo and in its surroundings is carried out in accordance with Article 45, while VFR flights in controlled airspace carried out in accordance with Article 49 of the Regulations on airplane flights. Since the airport ZABOK - Gubaševo is in the class "G" airspace radio connection is not required.


Location – Airport Zabok-Gubaševo is located in Krapina-Zagorje county, 3 km to the west of the city Zabok, therefore has a favorable geographical position as it is located near the city of Zagreb. Area of the city passes highway Zagreb - Macelj, and the city is the third-largest traffic center in Croatia, but also the most important railway intersection in the Krapina-Zagorje County.



The economy of Krapina-Zagorje County have visible positive developments in certain operating indicators, such as the continuous growth of exports and foreign trade surplus, the share of revenues generated in foreign markets and the importance of industrial production in the county economy. Manufacturing of Krapina-Zagorje County accounts for almost half of the total revenues and employs almost half of the employees of the County and the majority of manufacturing products intended for export. The most important activities are: metal industry (production of metals, metal products, machinery and equipment), production of mineral products and textiles. Retail is the second economic activity of Krapina-Zagorje County. Significant activities of the following are: construction, business marketing and communications and tourism.

Economy of Krapina-Zagorje County is predominantly export-oriented, and achieved a positive balance of foreign trade. Companies from the area of the County realized 32.9% of total revenues in foreign markets, while an average of entrepreneurs at the Croatian realized 17.4% of total revenues from sales of goods and services in foreign markets. In the county, there are 31 commercial zones, 11 of which are active in: Zabok, Veliko Trgovišće, Krapina, Oroslavje, Bedekovčina, Pregrada, Klanjec, Zlatar Bistrica, Konjščina, Kumrovec and Sv. K. Začretje.

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Rich cultural and historical heritage such as the Krapina Neanderthal Museum, Trakošćan Castle, and many castles and manor houses nearby, high-quality thermal spas like Krapinske Spa, Tuheljske Spa, Jezerčica Spa and others, and excellent cuisine. If you are looking for a place suitable for living, free of industrial and urban parts of the world in which we live, you would surely, among many places, choose Zagorje. It is an oasis of preserved nature, greenery, clean air and mild, healing waters. Cultural heritage of feudalism in this area marks the architecture harmony of many castles and manor houses with idyllic nature.

Oasis of preserved nature, greenery, clean air and mild, healing waters.

Picturesque nature

The famous thermal health resort - Krapinske Toplice. The healing properties of water are the foundation of developed offer of health tourism.

Thermal springs

There is a plethora of castles, manors, religious monuments and protected natural values.

Cultural heritage

Great food and wine


For the escape from daily routine and obligations, we recommend a program which will fill your batteries.

Active vacation


In cooperation with other institutions, we organize numerous annual events including parachuting, paragliding, aeronautical gliding, aeronautical modeling, microlite aviation etc. More

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