Aeronautical modeling Zaprešić is organising modeling meeting F5J CRO Cup on Zabok - Gubaševo airport on 22. and 23. of April 2017. (from 9,00 - 18,00 hours). You are invited to join the event.


Parachuting is a sport that has a lot of discipline. Classics are: the target (accuracy), figure (style) and Kenopi-relative (CRW), a standard discipline group are jumping in free fall (formation skydiving), freefly and freestyle. Competitions are organized at the national, international and global level.


Paragliding is one of the youngest aircraft branches, which is due to its simplicity and accessibility has become one of the biggest aviation sports. In paragliding basic equipment consists of: parachute (paraglider), seat where the pilot sits and with whom he is connected to a parachute, the reserve parachute and helmet.

Hang - gliding

Hang - gliding is one of the youngest airline business that operates for 40 years in the world, as well as in Croatia. For suspension sailing pilot is attached to a kite in the top of the triangle control, hands clinging to the lower part of the triangle to manage and hanging on his stomach with his head forward. Operated dragon redirecting the weight of the body in the desired direction with respect to the dragon. It can fly with slopes that are properly oriented with respect to the direction of the wind, but with the help of the car, winch and hang-gliders that allow so called fly in the wagon.

Microlight aviation

Microlight Aviation offers the same or even better experience of flying or piloting with significantly lower cost and with less time training pilots. Microlight Aviation includes all types of aircraft below 600 kg total weight of the summer, such as single-engine two-seat aircraft, gyrocopter, motor and motorless gliders, motorized parachutes, paragliders and the like.

Aeronautical gliding

Aeronautical gliding is very widespread sport in the world, but the main feature race is flying without an engine, which can last for several hours and can fly several hundred kilometers in one cross-country flight (depending on weather conditions, but also the skill of the pilot). Since it does not have a motor boat usually takes off by aero tow. Thus, by using the towing rope is attached to the plane which is then raised to the desired height. Then the pilot sailboats sailboat detach from the plane and continued free flight as the plane returns back to the airport.

Engine fly plane

Flying the plane on the Croatian territory has a tradition almost as long as flying an airplane in the world. Only a few years after the first historic flight the Wright brothers, does the first plane designed and built in Croatia by the Croatian people.

Aeronautical modeling

The term aeronautical modeling is very broad and covers a myriad of categories and types of paper Plane Too simple to radioupravljanih jet model aircraft. It is a branch of aviation which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Flight modeler made model airplanes of various types such as free flying models, and that the boats, models drive tire, and explosive, jet and rocket engines.

Hot air balloon

For a long time in the aviation sport there are discipline hot air balloon where competitors are trying to fly the greatest possible distance, reach as high and fly as long as possible. Flights rides were in the initial stages of the development of air traffic in the foreground. Until the Second World War used to fly a balloon in economic and even warfare. Today, hot air balloons aircraft used just in sport or as a special research meteorological balloons without crew.

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